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North West
via Instagram (@kimkardashian)

Step aside auntie Kourt, North West is a goth girl now

She listens to Black Sabbath and has face tattoos

We’ve seen Kim sporting a Morbid Angel shirt, Kendall wearing a Megadeth tee, and Kourtney repping Metallica and Cannibal Corpse (which led to founding member Chris Barnes calling her a “poser”). Now, the Kardashian-to-metal-fan pipeline includes North West, who is a “full goth”, according to her mum.

During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Kim talked about the differences between her and Kanye’s four children. “North is like goth – she’s into Hot Topic,” she said. “She puts fake tattoos on her face, and she listens to Black Sabbath, and she’s just like a full goth girl.”

Asked about how her eight-year-old got into that kind of music, Kim explained: “I think TikTok.”

Sharon Osbourne, wife of former Black Sabbath member Ozzy, has already invited North round to theirs to hang with the Prince of Darkness. “When is North coming over for a cup of tea?” she wrote on Instagram, tagging Kardashian, West, and North’s grandma Kris Jenner.

Elsewhere in their conversation, Kim spoke about Kourtney’s blossoming romance with Travis Barker: “I love their relationship,” she said. “They’ve grown so much together... Just to think that they’ve been neighbours and friends for almost 15 years. Neighbours for like, a decade!”

She continued: “They are at each other like it’s the last time they’re going to see each other, all the time! It’s a lot, but it’s so cute. You know what? That’s what they do, and it’s so cute. And I love love, so I love them.”

Watch the full Ellen exchange below.