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Making It Up As We Go Along

20 years of making an iconic magazine: Sign up to the Dazed Academy session

Making It Up As We Go Along is a monthly programme of free events to help you break into the creative sector, hosted by our very own Dazed editors – this month, AnOther’s Susannah Frankel and Alexander Fury take the reigns

As part of Dazed Academy’s Making It Up As We Go Along programme, our monthly series of free events to help you into jobs within the creative sector, AnOther editor-in–chief Susannah Frankel will be joined by fashion features director Alexander Fury to discuss the making of the magazine over its 20 year journey.

‘20 Years of Making a Magazine’ will discuss the evolution of the fashion industry, as well as Frankel and Fury’s award-winning careers as journalists and authors. This conversation will be followed by questions from the floor. Sign up here.

The Making It Up As We Go Along programme features 45 minute digital workshops, talks, mentoring and community building, with the goal of empowering and educating those hoping to break into fashion, art, photography, film, dance, music, publishing, digital media, video, and much more.

Last month, the programme kicked off with Dazed’s executive editorial director Lynette Nylander, interviewed by Ted Stansfield, AnOther’s deputy editor. Nylander discussed how she broke into the fashion and journalism industry, from building her CV and portfolio to being a Forbes 30 under 30 figure, and working at Teen Vogue and CR Fashion Book.

Upcoming events include a ‘Styling Workshop 101’ with Dazed’s editor-in-chief Ib Kamara; ‘How To Use Your Writing To Make A Positive Social Change’ with Dazed Digital editor Anna Cafolla; and ‘How To Have An Engaging Social Media Presence’ with senior Instagram editor Vanessa Hsieh and social media editor Marios Mystidis.

Sign up to 20 Years of Making a Magazine on Zoom here.