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Long-distance lovers: this sex toy company wants to give you $30k

We-Vibe is giving $3,000 to 10 couples separated by the pandemic, to help them reunite when restrictions are lifted

With travel restrictions still in place across much of the world, many couples remain separated by oceans, skies, and, well, Boris Johnson. Some may not have seen their partners since the pandemic began, almost a year ago. Now, however, all those lonely nights may finally pay off, as a sex toy company wants to give $30k (£22k) to help lovers reunite.

If you’ve spent the last year falling asleep next to a livestream of your partner, We-Vibe’s ‘Reunite Stimulus Package’ could be for you. The company is set to give $3,000 (£2,200) to 10 different couples kept apart by the pandemic. For the lucky few, this money could go towards flights, accommodations, or other arrangements – but only once travel restrictions are lifted, and it’s safe to see your long-lost lover.

According to press release, the initiative stems from We-Vibe’s key priority of keeping long-distance couples connected – as exemplified by their We-Connect app, which enables remote control of their sex toys.

“We-Vibe believes in the power of intimacy and togetherness,” the company’s head of sexual empowerment, Johanna Rief, said. “With this giveaway, we hope to make that possible. Many couples had a tough year last year, and this is a way for the brand to invest in the importance of being together.”

You can apply to receive We-Vibe’s ‘Reunite Stimulus Package’ here – entry closes on Valentine’s Day (AKA February 14).