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Influencers in Dubai
Via Instagram @mollymaehague, @gabbydawnallen, @amberrosegill

Influencers are set to flee Dubai, while the memes roll in

The UAE has been taken off the UK’s travel corridor list, leaving all the stars of Love Island facing a two-week quarantine on return

With Europe banning travellers from the UK, and influencers seemingly incapable of following coronavirus restrictions, it will come as a blow to the cast of Love Island that Dubai has been removed from the UK’s ‘safe’ travel list.

Over the past few weeks, countless influencers have flown over to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for ‘business’ – AKA to escape Britain’s third lockdown. As London’s hospitals are overwhelmed by COVID-19, stars from Love Island, Geordie Shore, and TOWIE have been spamming the TL with photos and videos of themselves partying on holiday.

Now, cases in Dubai have risen by 52 per cent, with officials citing “a significant acceleration in the number of imported cases”. With the UAE removed from the list, every Pretty Little Thing ambassador is either now stranded in the city, or faces a 10-day quarantine when they return to the UK – pending a negative COVID test.

Below are some good memes about the situation. And, for afters, here’s a list of the influencers who ignored coronavirus restrictions to holiday and party over the Christmas break.