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quannah calvin klein
Quannah Chasinghorse Potts, Fairbanks, AlaskaPhotography Brian Adams

Watch a conversation that captures the mood of American youth in 2020

We brought two stars of Calvin Klein’s one future #ckone campaign together for a dialogue about the state of the nation

24-year-old Jawn Davis and 18-year-old Quannah Chasinghorse Potts both live in America, over 3,000 miles away from each other, in Long Beach, California and Fairbanks, Alaska, respectively.

The two were cast in Calvin Klein’s one future #ckone campaign, a project that platformed young voices all across America, capturing them in their hometowns, and amplifying their perspectives at a critical point for a divided nation.

Jawn and Quannah had never met. For this Zoom chat we brought them together to get an understanding of the moods and attitudes in their homes, to find out what their hopes for America are, and so they could share this generation’s passion for politics.

The result is an enlightening get-to-know session between the two, and discussions about the differences in atmosphere during election time in Long Beach and Fairbanks.

“It’s frustrating, especially for Gen Z, especially people like us, because we want this and that, but the people in power aren’t doing that for us,” says Quannah. “And it’s our futures. We’re the ones that are gonna have to deal with their decisions in the future. And then we’re gonna have to undo all of it. You know, that’s why I think voting this year was such a big thing.”

Watch the video below.