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Anti Capitalism reading list

The ultimate anti-capitalist reading list to seize the means of production

As the UK government tries to ban materials that are critical of capitalism in schools, we’ve compiled a list of anti-capitalist books and essays to help overthrow the system

Capitalism is the opium of the people – only, the party’s long gone and all we’re left with is a blistering headache of invasive technologies, neoliberal anxiety, shitty coworking spaces, and soggy Tesco meal deals. You could say that there’s never been a better time to seize the means of production, with the coronavirus pandemic only highlighting further the failures of the neo-liberal cult of the free market. Not to mention, soaring unemployment and rising rent rendering the capitalist dream of ‘liberty, luxury, and happiness for everyone’ as painfully redundant.

Last week, the UK government issued orders to English schools, banning them from using materials that critique capitalism. Because we actually believe in the freedom of thought, we’ve provided a list of anti-capitalist reading to shake off the despondency of the last decade and offer new roads to go down. There’s theorist Aaron Bastani’s manifesto on fully automated luxury communism, Mark Fisher’s cult classic Capitalist Realism, and a collection of essays by Angela Davis on state violence and oppression. Elsewhere, Erik Olin Wright poses an urgent and powerful case for socialism, while Natalie Olah wants you to steal as much as you can.