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Sharing selfies on Instagram makes you happier, says study

Psychologists have found that selfies with lots of likes are linked to the highest levels of happiness

Whether you love them or hate them, a new study has linked taking selfies on Instagram to living a happier life.

The study, published in Human Behavior and Emerging Technologies, based its findings on a survey posted on Instagram and Facebook, which asked questions related to sharing photos on Instagram and how likes and positive comments can impact a person’s happiness.

Unsurprisingly, the results show a positive link between the number of selfies shared on Instagram and a person’s happiness, with the highest level of happiness linked to high numbers of likes and positive comments.

“Social media technology has become a key influencer of psychological aspects of human emotions, such as well-being. Past research has revealed mixed findings relating to the relationship between the use of (social media) and well-being,” said Julie Maclean, who ran the study.

“Future (social media) technology enhancements should leverage the social rewards concept to allow increased levels of online interactions from photo sharing, particularly in relation to sharing photos of oneself, which seem to correlate with the highest levels of social rewards,” she added.

Admittedly, the results don’t exactly scream anything new, and it’s worth taking them with a pinch of salt. A 2019 study by Washington State University found that people who post selfies are more likely to be seen as more insecure, less successful, and less likeable. Another study linked posting loads of selfies to narcissism.