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The Sims Spark'd
via YouTube/The Sims

The Sims is getting its own reality show

Time to put those Sims skills honed during lockdown to use

During coronavirus lockdown, games like The Sims and Animal Crossing have been providing people with a way to interact as part of a community while sticking to social distancing guidelines, with the latter reporting a massive 2.5 million new players in the last few months alone. 

In some cases, users have used these games to distance themselves from the current, dystopian reality, but others have found creative ways to reflect on it in-game, with some Sims 4 players creating quarantine vlogs and coronavirus-themed music videos.

A new, first-of-its-kind reality show, Spark’d, aims to take this creativity in the Sims community and put it to the test, pitching teams of players against each other “to win the title of the world’s most creative storyteller” (within The Sims, that is). 

There will also be a $100,000 cash prize for the competition, which – having been filmed in late 2019 – will air on TBS from July 17, also available to watch on YouTube via BuzzFeed Multiplayer.

A trailer for the (kind of) reality show features teams participating in timed challenges, involving familiar Sims elements such as character customisation and designing a home. More casual Sims players will also have a chance to compete in special challenges from home as the show airs.

“Since its inception, The Sims has been a groundbreaking experience, allowing players to create and virtually live out the stories they create in-game. That’s what makes it so special,” says Lyndsay Pearson, Executive Producer for The Sims, in a statement

The Sims Spark’d, Pearson adds: “continues that innovative spirit, bringing our community together to compete and showcase their in-game storytelling on a reality show in an entirely new way.”

Watch the Spark’d trailer below.