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Watch Louis Theroux talk to Dazed about the art of documentary making

Over Zoom, the documentarian discussed giving problematic voices a platform, how to get started in the industry, and more

During coronavirus lockdown, documentary maker Louis Theroux is entertaining his three children and cooking – “If I feel stressed, I sometimes just make a marinara sauce,” he says – but he’s also found time to start his first ever podcast, Grounded, video chatting with various celebrities.

Although Louis has been interviewing for years (see: his Weird Weekends series that began in 1998), he’s had to make some adjustments to adapt to the new format.

“The main difference is that I’ve done it over the internet, so instead of being in a room with someone, I’m having to try and build rapport and get to know someone remotely,” he told Dazed in a recent interview. “Being with someone is such a big part of how I normally work.”

However, he’s still got plenty of tips on how to make it in the documentary industry, both through traditional channels or new platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, which he recently discussed in a Zoom call with Dazed.

Theroux also touches on how he prepares for a documentary, how he has conversations with people he doesn’t agree with – “there’s a deeper question, which is, is it morally acceptable to give a platform to someone who’s expressing something outrageous” – and his dream interview subject (hint: Scientology is heavily involved).

Watch Louis Theroux talk to Dazed in the video below.