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Queer Eye Animal Crossing
via Twitter (@QueerEye)

Queer Eye’s Bobby is giving out interior design advice for Animal Crossing

Queer Eye for the virtual guy

The Fab Five is back! Well, sort of. Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk, AKA the ‘design doctor’, has taken to Twitter to give people interiors advice on their Animal Crossing homes.

Yesterday (April 28), Queer Eye’s official Twitter account gave Animal Crossing players who are struggling to perfect their desert island houses the chance to receive advice direct from Bobby himself. Even if you’ve somehow managed to avoid the New Horizons hype, the show’s thread offers more than practical advice, and is definitely worth a read for Bobby’s reactions alone. “I’d add a sitting area to the left of the screen. A nice little sofa and chair will really make the space feel cozy,” he told one user. When another user shared a screenshot of their cluttered room, he responded: “I think it may be time to bring @MarieKondo in.”

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has already shattered sales records, so far selling five million copies worldwide, as people look for a way to escape to a virtual island in the midst of the pandemic. Since then, it’s inspired a legion of dedicated followers, virtual art shows, high fashion bootleg attire, and even IRL political protests. Read our feature on its blissfully brilliant soundtrack here.

Elsewhere, Queer Eye fans can rejoice as Netflix has announced a rom-com loosely based on Fab Five chef Antoni Porowski’s dating life. Called Girls & Boys, the film will be developed by Black-ish creator Kenya Barris and will seemingly focus on Porowski’s sexual fluidity, though further details are yet to be revealed.