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TikTok Uber trend
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If you feel unsafe in a taxi, use this viral TikTok trend

Teens are making pre-recorded clips where they pretend to be a friend on the other side of the phone

Have you ever had a creepy taxi driver that makes your feel super uncomfortable? Well, a new TikTok trend is here to help.

Made for those feeling unsafe during a cab ride, the trend involves playing a pre-recorded clip and pretending that you are talking to someone on the other end of the phone. The recordings see users act as a friend or a parent, with the intention of hinting to the driver that you’re in touch with your loved ones and that they are aware of your location.

In one clip, a woman can be seen having a fake conversation, saying: “I have your location on and I can see you just got into the car. We were supposed to leave like 15 minutes ago.” In another, a teen pretends to get annoyed at her friend for not answering her phone, before adding: “I have your location on and I can see you just got in the car.”

There’s even interactive versions, which start with a fake ringtone and text responses that tell you what to respond in the gaps between them speaking. The caption reads: “Creepy Uber/Lyft? Use this sound! Stay safe out there girls.”

The trend is one of the more positive TikTok moments making headlines. Recently, it was discovered that the platform is suppressing the content of “disabled people or people with some facial problems”, those it deems “ugly” or poor, LGBTQ+ content, and users who criticise the state.

See some examples below.