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Caroline Calloway Corona Berghain
Via @carolinecalloway Instagram

Caroline Calloway went to Berghain wearing a Corona t-shirt

Four days later the club shut down due to coronavirus

Just days before Berlin nightclub Berghain joined the long list of companies closing their doors due to coronavirus, Instagram influencer and writer Caroline Calloway spent a ten-hour bender at the club – dressed in none other than a Corona t-shirt.

The outfit was announced on her Instagram story, and later discussed on her Twitter account as she live-tweeted the entire night, including the shock of getting into the infamously exclusive club, meeting a boy, and taking ecstasy.

“If I die at Berghain at least let my tombstone read, ‘she died doing what she loved: tweeting’,” said Calloway on her Twitter during the night out. 

After fans on Twitter debated whether the Corona top is what scammed her entry into the club, the influencer cleared the air, tweeting: “No, the most powerful angle is **pretending** I got in because of my outfit so I can sell my fucking tee shirts when they drop in April.” 

On her Instagram, she wrote: “Happy to announce that a collab between myself and @knarlei will be dropping mid April and if this isn’t the PERFECT mix of living/monetizing my best life and making art/money at the same time......... I don’t know what is. A masterpiece!”

Whether she got into Berghain for her t-shirt or not, we’ll wait to see whether the clothing drop materialises next month. Meanwhile, Calloway has been retweeting tweets about her Berghain visit, including one that read: “Caroline Calloway cancelling Berghain is the biggest thing to happen to Germany since the fall of the Berlin Wall.”

Calloway has recently announced to her followers that she is campaigning for Bernie Sanders ahead of the 2020 US election. She is also due to release a book called Scammer this spring.