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Coronavirus Wuhan
Via Twitter @manyapan

People under coronavirus lockdown are fighting boredom with memes

Featuring indoor fishing, inflatable dinosaurs, and makeshift facemasks

As the rest of the world descends into pandemonium over coronavirus, boredom is setting in for the people confinded to Wuhan, China. 

The city is under total quarantine, the transport systems are down, residents can’t freely walk around, and the streets are mostly deserted. We wrote about the plight of those stranded there yesterday; there is concern, they face discrimination, and are targets of abuse on social media. But some of the people stuck at the centre of a global health pandemic are reclaiming the narrative in the only way they know how: by posting memes.

Supplies are running low – stocks of the most rudimentary protection against infection (the face mask) are depleting and people are posting videos of humorous alternatives, including sanitary pads, bras, fruit, and various inflatable costumes.

People are getting horny too – no one’s been allowed to leave since January 23 – photos of empty supermarket shelves that once stocked condoms are going viral, and according to The South China Morning Post residents have set up a 200-strong WeChat group for people looking to hook up.

Understandably, there’s also an array of indoor sports being played, countless dining tables have been repurposed for ping pong, sofas are being used as makeshift badminton nets, and one guy has posted a video of himself doing some indoor fishing from his own tank.

Take a look at some of the ways people are passing the time below.