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Dazed Beauty Facebook group

Inside Dazed Beauty: a Facebook group lifting up the beauty industry lid

A space to share tips, inspo and gain insider knowledge

Just under a year ago, Dazed launched Dazed Beauty – a platform to celebrate identity and self-expression through the transformative power of beauty. The platform has become a hub for all things beauty, body, soul, and mind; from investigations into aging in the industry and celebrity chronic illness, to a cultural history of boob jobs, and fostering a burgeoning, diverse community of creatives, with some ear-tickling, ombre nails, and biomechanical tails inbetween. 

Now, the DB team has launched ‘Inside Dazed Beauty’, a Facebook group lifting a lid on the industry and building a community of like-minded beauty lovers. Members of the group will have the opportunity to connect with the Dazed Beauty team and its exciting collaborators. From morning routines to must-have products, daily affirmations and Q+A sessions, it’s a space for the Dazed Beauty editors to share their insider knowledge and open up a dialogue with readers. 

‘Inside Dazed Beauty’ is also a space for members to share their own beauty hacks, observations, and of course killer lewks. Importantly, it’s a place to connect with a wider community over issues, tips, and your closely-held obsessions.

Discover new terrains in beauty and join the group here.