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Magic mushrooms
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Denver is leading the way by decriminalising shrooms

As other parts of the country um and ah about cannabis, the Colorado city narrowly votes for magic mushrooms

Nearly half of the adult population in the US have tried shrooms at least once in their life, with research claiming that the hallucinogenic plant can improve creativity, relieve anxiety, and have life-long benefits. Magic mushrooms have also been recorded as the safest drug that you can take in the 2017 Global Drug Survey.

Leading the way, the city of Denver in Colorado just voted to decriminalise shrooms through a measure called Initiative 301. Over 89,000 people turned out to vote, yet the initiative only just about passed with 50.6 per cent of voters leaning towards the legalisation of magic mushrooms.

Vote counting continued into the early hours of the morning on Wednesday May 8. The Director of the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University Jeff Hunt encouraged the Denver County Clerk on Twitter “to identify any tampering related to the vote” and claimed that “if any illegal activity is found, we encourage investigation and prosecution”.

Military and overseas votes are still being recorded but shroom lovers are hoping that this won’t have much effect when the results are certified on May 16.

Denver previously legalised marijuana in 2012, making over 1 billion in sales from their commercial cannabis market. By decriminalising shrooms, possession of these psychedelics would become the lowest priority for Denver law enforcement.

new study released last month highlighted the profound, life-affirming effects of psychedelic trips, with drugs such as psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, and DMT. The reactions of participants reflect long-term beneficial effects and general life satisfaction from tripping out at least once. Have a good one, Denver.