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Quick! Ditto want to help you download your Tumblr

There’s only 24 hours until the platform bans all nudity

Ditto, the self proclaimed subculture and fashion publishing house, are offering some tools to download your Tumblr, all of your liked posts on the platform, and other Tumblrs as well. This follows Tumblr CEO Jeff D’Onofrio’s announcement that everyone’s favourite #angsty social media platform will be deleting all NSFW content as of tomorrow (December 17).

Tumblr’s decision to remove porn and other “adult” content has been roundly criticised, especially since it will block not only images of genitals, but also any “female-presenting nipples” (an undisguised shift away from the progressive politics the platform formerly seemed to embody).

There have also been claims that the decision is basically the social media site signing its own death warrant; such content makes up a significant portion of the platform’s posts and, even if they aren’t actively seeking straight-up porn, users have benefitted from the openness and lack of body censorship it championed.

Anyway, if you want to preserve your Tumblr you’d better act fast. Head over to Ditto London’s dedicated page for their handy instructions.