We sent three familiar faces on Tinder dates with fans and filmed them

Watch the trailer for the dates featuring Billie JD Porter, Yinka Bokinni, and Ben Schofield

There are literally millions of Tinder users across the globe, so it’s fair to assume that most of us have had a cheeky swipe session at some point. There’s something strangely exciting about the idea that your dream partner could be just a ‘like’ away, but equally the app offers plenty of opportunities to find friends, meet like-minded people (its wide range of gender options makes it one of the most queer-friendly apps on the market) and try new things.

It’s this adventurous ethos that bleeds into the latest chapter of Dazed’s ongoing partnership with Tinder. Following on from our recent Pride party, we decided to enlist three familiar faces – journalist Billie JD Porter, fashion editor Ben Schofield and Capital Xtra DJ/presenter Yinka Bokinni – for a series of dates to see exactly what would happen. Their matches were chosen from a pile of hilarious applications to our Dazed social media competition, in which we asked you all to list three reasons why you’d want to date them – and, needless to say, the entries didn’t disappoint.

As a result, the dates are candid, will make you laugh out loud, and are always entertaining: expect an extremely competitive game of bowling, a pottery-making workshop, and even a pasta-making class – obviously not complete without a reenactment of the famous Lady and the Tramp scene.

From cute dogs to candlesticks, the videos are also proof of what can happen when you let your guard down and open yourself up to new experiences. After all, social media has made it easier than ever to meet new people. Why not take the chance?

Keep an eye out for each film, coming soon...