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We‘re obsessed with these make-up tutorials based on Dazed covers

From Rihanna to Beyoncé, these YouTube videos are proving that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

Okay, let‘s be honest, we‘ve all tried those apps that allow us to recreate a magazine cover on our phones, attempting to serve looks, but we‘re high-key looking like a mess. These YouTubers, however, have put us to shame by recreating looks from Dazed magazine covers, and we simply can‘t enough of it. These beauty gurus know how to fuck it up – take a look for yourself below.


It‘s been nearly a year since Bad Gal RiRi bodied the beauty industry with her Fenty Beauty make-up line, and her influence on beauty is still prevalent, as seen in this tutorial. Rihanna graced the cover of Dazed in four separate covers in 2017 that were photographed by Harley Weir and styled by Robbie Spencer, Creative Director of Dazed. In this video, Kubbielove Inyang shows us all how it should be done with hues of yellow, to mimic one of our Winter 2017 issue covers. See the full shoot here.


Azealia Banks never shies away from controversy, so it’s only fitting that she graced our famous (banned in over seven countries) September 2012 cover. With photography by Sharif Hamza and styling by Karen Langley, this issue showed the rapper rocking the season’s must-have accessory: an inflated raspberry flavoured condom. In the issue itself, Banks spoke on the importance queer ball culture plays to her musical style, as well as the pitfalls that women in hip hop face. 


We can only pray that one day we’ll achieve an ounce of Queen Bey’s magnificence, but while we dream, we can at least have a go at these make-up looks by nikkietutorials, kay-k-bradley and krystletips, based on her cover of our July 2011 issue. Photographed by Sharif Hamza and styled in one-off creations by the likes of Tom Ford and Riccardo Tisci, the issue saw the pre-Lemonade singer open up about her evolution as a person and her change in musical direction. We‘re sure that the Beyhive will approve.