Remember that time Beyoncé walked in a Tom Ford show?


What does it take to become the most influential, the most revered, and, arguably, the most important person in the world?

In case you hadn’t realised, we’re talking about Beyoncé, and, suprising though it is, even Ms. Carter had to start by saying yes to a few niche opportunities in the early days of her career – you know, for the exposure. Remember the time she was the face of water in Japan? Or when she was in that now untraceable erotic thriller Obsessed?

Slowly, through hard work and some pretty obscure appearances, Beyoncé grew a hardcore fanbase in the worlds of music, film and, of course, water. But, it she truly was to take over the world, there was one more arena she would have to conquer: fashion.

First, she tried with The House of Dereon. Then she took part in Fashion for Relief. She even employed 00s’ photographic icons Marcus and Idriani to shoot her debut album artwork. But none of it quite clicked into place.

That is, until she graced the runway in New York as the muse of the one and only Mr. Tom Ford.

The year was 2010 and the fashion questionable. But the show marked Ford’s return to womenswear, and for such a momentous occasion, he called in the big guns, “the most inspirational women in the world” – with the role-call ranging from Daphne Guinness, to Julianne Moore, and, of course, Queen Bey.

In a look comprising a gorgeous silver jacquard dress and opaque black tights – v very Hervé Léger meets expensive upholstery – Beyoncé literally owns the runway, owns everything, and beams backstage that “it was fun,” when WWD ask her about the experience.

It’s a rare thing, now, to see Bey as anything other than literally the most important, most talented artist of our generation. But sometimes it’s nice to go back to those heady days where all we wanted was A Gift From Virgo, a bottle of Armani Diamonds, and a ticket to the most exclusive fashion show on earth.

Watch the full clip above.