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Most of Britain’s weed is now super strong skunk

Experts are worried users might not have noticed potency has increased

Drugs are so strong right now. Last year, some of the cocaine circulating the UK tested at 100 per cent purity – far more than the 30-50 per cent average. Meanwhile ecstasy pills and MDMA’s potency has more than doubled over the last few years.

Now, researchers have confirmed that the amount of high strength skunk on the streets of the Britain has also skyrocketed in the last decade.

The study analysed almost a thousand police seizures of cannabis from London, Kent, Derbyshire, Merseyside and Sussex. They found that in 2016, 94 per cent of police seizures were of high-potency skunk, compared to just half in 2005.

Experts are worried that UK stoners may be unaware of the effect this could have on their mental health. Mental health and addiction expert Ian Hamilton says that: “Demand for treatment from specialist drug treatment for problems due to cannabis have increased significantly over the last decade.”

He added: “More experienced users will know how to adjust the amount of cannabis they ingest but naive or younger users may not, so they will be particularly at risk of having an unpleasant experience or in extreme cases developing psychosis.”

The study, published in the Drug Testing and Analysis journal, says that this might all be due to lack of available low-strength alternatives like resin, so if you don’t want to get really high – you have very few options left.