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So, a student hung up a Swastika banner at CSM

All in the name of art

When it comes to art and fashion schools, Central Saint Martins is among the most prestigious. Earlier this month, the London college was top of the Business of Fashion’s Global Fashion School Ranking for the second year running.

CSM is known for other things too – its unofficial tote bags emblazoned with “I’m at CSM, aren’t you???”, the student who ‘lost his virginity’ for his art project, and now there’s been controversy on college grounds after a Swastika banner was hung in the main hall of its Kings Cross campus.

According to the Jewish Chronicle, the unnamed student first approached his tutor with an idea to hang the banner as part of a project on prohibition – unsurprisingly he was told no and then hung it up anyway without permission.

One student said that most of the students who saw the banner laughed and made jokes about it before it was eventually pulled down by a member of staff. Following the incident, the President of CSM said “Central Saint Martins is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment for our diverse students, and we are aghast that the banner was installed against our specific instructions.”

It is unclear if the student will face any repercussions, or if he was even aware of the negative connotations that surround the symbol. Weirdly, swastikas still turn up all over the place – remember the fashion label who tried to reclaim the symbol earlier this year?

Can’t believe we’re still talking about Nazis.