Women boycott Twitter in support of Rose McGowan

Following her suspension for speaking out against Harvey Weinstein, women are protesting with #WomenBoycottTwitter

Following Twitter’s unfair suspension of Rose McGowan for speaking out against misogyny in Hollywood, users and activists are calling on women to boycott the service for one day. Twitter is notorious for its complete and utter failure to put a stop to actual abuse – usually directed at women and people of colour – on the platform, but was swift to suspend McGowan while she used her voice to try and protect women. Her account has since been unlocked, and Twitter claimed that she had only been suspended for releasing somebody’s phone number, a violation of policies.

Speaking to the Observer online, editor and consultant Heidi Moore said that the boycott was intended to shed light on the “appalling abuse” of women on Twitter. Since then, celebrities including Chrissy Teigen, Mark Ruffalo, Anna Paquin, and Alyssa Milano have pledged to take part, as well as hundreds of other Twitter users.

The campaign started at midnight on Friday October 13, though others have taken issue with the boycott and won’t be taking part. Some cited the fact that they felt it was unfair they had to leave the platform while men’s behaviour is the real problem, while others including prominent author Roxane Gay took issue with the fact that no similar protests had taken place when black women, such as Leslie Jones at the hands of a sexist, alt-right mob, have been the subject of abuse.