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Rotting in the Sun (2023)
Rotting in the Sun (2023)Courtesy of MUBI

Get tickets for a Rotting in the Sun preview and Q&A with Jordan Firstman

The upcoming Dazed x MUBI Cinema Club screening of Sebastián Silva’s meta-comedy features an in-person appearance from the comedian

Dazed x MUBI Cinema Club recently returned for a new season of one-off screenings and events, beginning with a showing of the Ira Sachs erotic drama Passages. Now, it’s time to get excited for another tantalising preview, this time of Chilean filmmaker Sebastián Silva’s self-deprecating meta-comedy Rotting in the Sun.

Starring the comedian and Instagram influencer Jordan Firstman as himself, the story is sparked by a meeting at a gay nudist beach, where filmmaker Sebastián Silva (also playing himself) is taking a much-needed break from Mexico City, to escape a loop of depression, doom-scrolling, and downing vast quantities of ketamine.

When Jordan arrives in Mexico City to begin work on the project they planned, however, Sebastián is nowhere to be found, and Rotting in the Sun spirals into an unconventional detective story. Does Sebastián’s housekeeper, Seńora Vera (Catalina Saavedra), know more than she’s letting on?

Produced in collaboration with Robert Pattinson’s production company, Icki Eneo Arlo, Rotting in the Sun officially releases in the UK on September 15, but Dazed x MUBI Cinema Club is offering the chance to watch it in advance via a screening at the Rio Cinema on September 9. Firstman himself will also be in attendance for an audience Q&A session.

Tickets are now available here, including a free drink and popcorn, and are available at half price for all Dazed Club members (learn more about how to sign up here). In the meantime, you can watch the Rotting in the Sun trailer below, and check out what else this season of Dazed x MUBI Cinema Club has in store.