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Get tickets for a preview of queer, witchy fantasy The Five Devils

The Dazed x MUBI Cinema Club screening also features an in-person Q&A with director Léa Mysius

Last month, Dazed x MUBI Cinema Club returned with a one-off screening of Lukas Dhont’s heart-wrenching, Oscar-nominated second feature, CLOSE. Now, the partnership is back once again, kicking off an all-new season with a special preview of Léa Mysius’s The Five Devils.

Starring newcomer Sally Dramé as Vicky, an eight-year-old with a preternatural talent for recreating any scent she comes across, The Five Devils blends elements of witchcraft, queer romance, and family drama to create a kind of contemporary fable.

When Vicky’s estranged aunt suddenly returns to her mountain hometown, her fragrance plunges the young girl into a time-travelling mystery, where she unravels the complex and fiery relationship between her mother (played Palme d’Or winner Adèle Exarchopoulos) and her father’s sister.

Dazed x MUBI Cinema Club will host an afternoon screening of The Five Devils on March 18, at Dalston’s Rio Cinema, ahead of its wider UK release later in the month. After the film, viewers will also get a chance to learn more via an exclusive, in-person Q&A with the director (who has also worked as a screenwriter for the likes of Jacques Audiard and Claire Denis).

Interested? Tickets are now on sale here, and are available at half price for all Dazed Club members (learn more about how to sign up here). Tickets will also include free drinks and popcorn.

Watch the trailer for The Five Devils above, and find out more about the spring season of Dazed x MUBI Cinema Club below.