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Hari Nef and Candy Darling

Hari Nef is playing Candy Darling in an upcoming biopic

Penned by Transparent writer Stephanie Kornick

Hari Nef is playing LGBTQ+ icon and Andy Warhol superstar Candy Darling in an upcoming biopic by Transparent writer Stephanie Kornick.

The currently untitled project will follow Candy’s journey from childhood in Long Island beauty pageantry to her time performing alongside Holly Woodlawn and Jackie Curtis as a member of the East Village experimental theatre group, La Mama Etc., and starring in Warhol’s groundbreaking film, Women In Revolt.

Christian D. Bruun, Louis Spiegler, and Katrina Wolfe are producing alongside executive producer, Zackary Drucker (Transparent, Lady and the Dale). A director has yet to be confirmed.

A cult figure in New York’s downtown scene, Candy’s legacy can be felt across culture, from inspiring the lyrics for songs by Lou Reed, The Velvet Underground, and St. Vincent, to featuring in Patti Smith’s memoir, Just Kids.

“Candy Darling is the blueprint: a transsexual glamour girl and indie icon reigning over Warhol's Manhattan and Nixon’s America. She burned fast and bright. more than anything, she wanted to be taken seriously as an actress. She taught girls like me how to dream – perhaps even how to be at all,” Nef wrote on Instagram.

“I have a drawing from her diary tattooed on my arm. It's the honour of my life to get the chance to play her on the screen, where she remains… This is an overwhelming joy and a privilege I take very fucking seriously! I’ll see you all on the wild side,” she added.

To prepare for the role, Nef is consulting with those who knew Candy well, including Jeremiah Newton, one of Candy’s best friends and unofficial custodian of her legacy. 

Nef is also starring in the release of Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie film and HBO’s The Idol, directed by Euphoria’s Sam Levinson.