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A Chiara still
A Chiara stillCourtesy of MUBI

Get tickets to an exclusive screening of gritty Italian drama A Chiara

Dazed x MUBI Cinema Club presents the third film in Jonas Carpignano’s ‘Calabrian Trilogy’, a coming-of-age story set amid the local mafia underworld

From an erotic lesbian nun thriller, to a raw and unflinching exploration of the LA porn industry, Dazed x MUBI Cinema Club has already offered intimate screenings of some of the best new film releases since launching back in April. Now, the partnership is set to continue with a showing of the gritty, Italian neorealist drama A Chiara.

Directed by Jonas Carpignano, A Chiara premiered to critical acclaim at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival, completing the filmmaker’s loosely-connected “Calabrian Trilogy”, which began with Mediterranea in 2015 and also includes the 2017 family drama A Ciambra.

A Chiara follows a 15-year-old girl (played by Swamy Rotolo), who comes of age against the backdrop of the local mafia underworld, where she’s forced to grapple with the sins of her father. In the seemingly idyllic Calabrian city of Gioia Tauro, she investigates the local crime world in search of her father after his sudden disappearance, resulting in an exploration of lost innocence and how the social fabric of a place affects an individual’s moral compass.

The cast is rounded out by Rotolo’s actual family, including Grecia and Claudio Rotolo. Swamy herself inspired the film’s development, having grown up around Jonas Carpignano in Gioia Tauro. “For me, A Chiara is much more a film about family than about the mafia,” says the director, noting that this is more reflective of his experience of daily life in the city, which has long been associated with organised crime.

As part of an ongoing partnership with the curated streaming platform MUBI, Dazed will hold an exclusive screening of A Chiara on July 12 at London’s Garden Cinema. Want to get involved? Tickets are now on sale here for £8 (or £5 for Dazed Club members) – complimentary drinks included.

Find out more about the Dazed Club, and become a member yourself, by signing up here. You can also revisit MUBI’s trailer for A Chiara below.