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Seth and Summer reunite: Adam Brody joins Rachel Bilson on The O.C. podcast

Brody shared concerns over a potential reboot and recounted his experiences on the early 2000s show, which he labelled a ‘celebration of affluence’

Last March, The O.C. actors Rachel Bilson (AKA Summer Roberts) and Melinda Clarke (Julie Cooper) joined up to launch the rewatch podcast, titled Welcome to the O.C., Bitches! – giving fans an opportunity to look back at the subversive 2000s series.

Now – in the Seth and Summer reunion we’ve all been waiting for – Adam Brody (Seth Cohen) has joined the hosts to recap season one episode 26, “The Strip” and to share his experience on the show.

While Bilson has previously stated that she’d be open to a reboot, Brody appeared more hesitant, explaining: “I kind of don’t think it can be done, because socially we’re in a different place and we’re in a more conscious place. While The O.C. claims to be, in a similar sense as a Gossip Girl, while it would sort of say it’s a critique, it’s not. It’s a celebration. It’s a celebration of affluence in my opinion.”

“For me, In a post-Donald Trump America to go, ‘Let’s go back to Orange County’. I feel like you have to have a real reckoning politically and socially, and is that what people want to see with this show? I don’t know,” he added. “And is there a way to do both? There is, I suppose but in my eyes, I probably want to torch it more than the fans would want.” Continuing, Brody noted that “almost every (reboot) I’ve seen sucks” – we can’t blame him there.

Brody also discussed how he felt the show – which only ran for four seasons – went through “too much story” too quickly, stating that leading character Marissa Cooper should have been sent to rehab instead of her tragic death scene to add more to the character. Besides, he noted that Seth’s character drew a lot of inspiration from himself – especially in terms of liking indie bands and comic books. 

In the episode, Bilson shared how rewatching the show has been “strangely emotional”, and that she cries during most episodes. She also spoke to how Brody inspired her role as Summer (although Brody swore he was simply doing a Vince Vaughn impression). “You taught me how to act well,” she said. “I was never better than when I was acting with you.”

Other podcast guests so far have included Peter Gallagher (Sandy Cohen), Kelly Rowan (Kirsten Cohen), Chris Carmack (Luke Ward), Alan Dale (Caleb Nichol), Tate Donovan (Jimmy Cooper), and director Josh Schwartz.

Ben McKenzie (Ryan Atwood) and Mischa Barton (Marissa Cooper) have yet to appear, although in episode six, the two hosts also extended an invite for Barton to come on the podcast and share her story. In 2005, Barton made the decision to leave the series due to “bullying” from “men on set”, leading to Marissa’s death.

Part two of the episode comes out next week. Catch up on Welcome to the O.C. Bitches! here