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Squid Game

A real-life Squid Game is taking place in Abu Dhabi

Capitalism intensifies

As the great Mark Fisher once said, there is no alternative to capitalism. This rings particularly true with the success of Squid Game, a show about a group of debt-ridden citizens who would rather take place in a murderous game show than succumb to capitalism’s slow grind. Ironically, it’s streamed on Netflix.

Now, the Korean Cultural Center in the United Arab Emirates is organising a Squid Game-themed event, where contestants can take part in a series of Korean childrens’ games inspired by the show. There won’t be any killings or a $38 million cash prize, but participants will be in for the chance of winning a coveted green tracksuit, as worn by the characters on the show.

Taking place tomorrow (October 12), the games will be held in two-hour, tournament-style sessions. To apply, applicants must fill out a form containing three questions related to the series.

Participants will be dressed in t-shirts with the Squid Game logo, while the event’s staff will wear the pink circle, triangle, and square costumes worn by the in-show game facilitators.

Squid Game was released on September 17 and within 10 days was Netflix’s highest ranking show in 90 countries. It’s become so popular, in fact, that there’s been a surge in green tracksuits and white Vans sales since its premiere last month.

Watch the trailer below.