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Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs
Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs

Torture vacation! Rent Buffalo Bill’s house from Silence of the Lambs

Horror fans can now stay in the fictional serial killer’s Pennsylvania home

Looking for a family friendly holiday home? I’ve got just the place for you: Buffalo Bill’s torture lair from The Silence of the Lambs! Complete with hardwood floors, a creepy cellar, and memories of a serial killer’s murderous rampage, the Pennsylvania four-bed is now available to rent.

Located in Fayette County, parts of the house were featured in the 1991 film as the location for Buffalo Bill (played by Ted Levine) to carry out his atrocities, including keeping his victims in a well in his basement. Sadly, there’s no well in the actual house – that scene was filmed on a sound stage – so if you’re looking to re-enact the film (please don’t), you may have to try elsewhere.

The house originally went on the market in 2015 – though its owners had a tough time selling it – and has now been converted into a “boutique accommodation” for horror fans. According to its website, the house has largely been untouched since its appearance in the film, but has had a few Silence of the Lambs touches added to it ahead of its transformation into a holiday destination.

As well as featuring a life-sized Hannibal Lecter (creepy), Buffalo Bill merch, and a sewing machine and mannequins in the basement (even creepier), all the rooms are named after characters in the films, including Hannibal, Clarice, and Precious. There’s even a playhouse upstairs – complete with arcade games, a huge TV, and a pool table – and an outside dining area in the property’s 1.7 acres of land.

To freak you out even more, “Goodbye Horses” – the track that plays during Buffalo Bill’s dance scene – will play on autoplay whenever anyone enters the basement. The whereabouts of the 1988 tune’s singer Q Lazzarus has become the subject of intense speculation online. After Dazed investigated her disappearance from public life in 2018, someone claiming to be Q responded saying she’s alive and well – read about Dazed’s subsequent search for the musician here.

In other Silence of the Lambs news, a TV spin-off of the film premiered in February. Titled Clarice, the series follows FBI agent Clarice Starling (played by Rebecca Breeds) one year after the events of the original movie. Speaking about the show in March, Breeds told Dazed: “It’s so inspirational and such an important, powerful story to tell. I drive home from a heavy, difficult day on set but I just can’t wipe the smile from my face because we’re making TV that matters.” You can watch the trailer here.

Disappearance mysteries and spin-off TV series’ aside, Buffalo Bill’s house sleeps eight people across four bedrooms, with prices starting from $695 (£502) per night. Book here if you’re brave enough, and watch a video tour of the house below.