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Cher Horowitz Clueless
Clueless (1995)

As if! Alicia Silverstone recreates iconic Clueless scene on Instagram

The 44 year-old actor teamed up with fashion designer Christian Siriano to revisit her 1995 performance as Cher Horwitz

Last month, Clueless actor Alicia Silverstone made her TikTok debut by recreating the 1995 classic’s iconic “Ugh, as if!” scene with her ten-year-old son. Now, the actress has once again revived Cher Horwitz’s spoiled, Beverly Hills persona online.

Taking to Instagram, the 44 year-old actor joined up with her close friend, fashion designer Christian Siriano, to recreate one of the film’s most memorable scenes – where Cher tries to flirt with new kid Christian Stovitz (played by Justin Walker), prior to finding out that he’s gay.

In the movie, the scene sees the two characters laying in bed. When Cher suggests cuddling because her feet are cold, Christian throws pillows on top of her, and she flips her hair before dramatically falling off the bed.

Unlike the 90s rom com, however, the recreation sees Siriano jump off the bed after Silverstone falls off. “I finally got Christian in bed!” Alicia captioned the post. “Christian Siriano and I having some fun while in France…”

While Siriano dropped some fire emojis in the comments, other users shared their favourite quotes from the film.

Besides previously recreating the “As If” scene with her son, Bear – Silverstone noted that after showing him Clueless for the first time, he began writing his own fan fiction and coming up with new storylines for the film. 

“He’ll bring little things (about the movie) up,” she explained to Entertainment Online. “One night we were laying in bed and he wrote ‘Clueless Part 2’ and what/where Cher would be. It was unbelievable what he thought.” Bear’s plot, apparently, depicted Cher as “an alcoholic but he didn't say those words. He was like, ‘She drinks a lot and maybe she’s a make-up artist? Like a professional makeup artist’.”

Otherwise on TikTok, Silverstore posted a comparison of Cher Horwitz classic yellow tartan look with Harry StylesGucci look from the 2021 Grammy Awards. “I am loving the #Clueless vibes Harry Styles. Cher would be so honored (and totally approve!!) of this chic look,” she captioned the post.

Check out Alicia Silverstone’s latest Clueless recreation below.