Wes Anderson’s next, Spain-set film reveals new casting details

Bill Murray and Adrien Brody are set to join Tilda Swinton in the follow-up to The French Dispatch

Just a week after The French Dispatch (finally) premiered at Cannes Film Festival, we’ve received an update on the cast for Wes Anderson’s next film, which looks set to begin shooting in Spain next month.

Alongside the previously-announced Tilda Swinton, the cast is set to include yet more frequent Anderson collaborators, with Bill Murray and Adrien Brody announced as co-stars (as reported via Deadline). Between them, they’ve starred in a whole host of the filmmaker’s past pictures, including The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Grand Budapest Hotel, and Isle of Dogs.

All three actors also recently joined the director in Cannes, where they snapped that picture, found the time to prank fellow cast member Timothée Chalamet, and received a nine minute standing ovation during the French Dispatch premiere.

Aside from the casting, details about Anderson’s new film are mostly being kept under wraps. In May, sets were spotted on the outskirts of Chinchón, Spain, including a mock train station and landscapes typical of a classic Western. Despite the film shooting in Spain, however, Swinton has teased that it’s “not about Spain”.

This month, meanwhile, we got a new teaser for The French Dispatch (in addition to the official trailer, released in February 2020). The clip sees Chalamet’s character, a young revolutionary named Zeffirelli, interrupted while taking a bath, by Frances McDormand’s veteran journalist, Lucinda Krementz.

The French Dispatch, which revolves around an American magazine in a fictional 20th century French city, is set to hit cinemas later this year, on October 22.