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BLACKPINK’s five-year anniversary film is hitting theatres

‘BLACKPINK THE MOVIE’ will feature exclusive interviews and re-edited concert footage of the K-pop group

Last year, BLACKPINK teamed up with Netflix for documentary BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky, which followed the release of their album – The Album. Now, the K-pop group has officially announced the release of their latest film: BLACKPINK THE MOVIE.

Marking the group’s five-year anniversary since releasing their Square One debut in 2016, the film will showcase behind-the-scenes content with the group’s four members – Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa

Existing as one of five parts of the group’s newly announced “4+1 Project” – which celebrates the group’s anniversary – the film will feature segments “The Room of Memories” and “Beauty”, where the members will reflect on the past five years and showcase unreleased photographs of themselves. Otherwise, the film promises exclusive interviews with messages to fans and re-edited footage from live-streamed concert The Show and 2018’s In Your Area tour. 

South Korean cinema chain, CGV, is creating an immersive virtual-concert experience for the film – showing it through panoramic “Screen X” and “4DX” formatting. Details of the remaining four parts of the group’s “4+1 Project” are yet to be confirmed. 

Tickets for BLACKPINK THE MOVIE go on sale worldwide on June 30. Check out the “4+1 Project” announcement video below.