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A Girl's Own Story
A Girl’s Own Story, Jane Campion (1984)

7 subversive short films to pierce your lockdown fatigue

Suffering from a short attention span? From David Lynch’s four-minute nightmare animation to Park Chan-wook’s South Korean mall collapse short, these films pack a powerful punch in quicktime

It’s a fact: lockdown has shortened our already dilapidated attention spans. Where once reading a book for hours at a time or settling down to watch The Godfather trilogy might have been a breeze, staying focussed in these unprecedented times is an ongoing battle. Enter: the short. For most directors, short films are a way of refining their vision without breaking the bank, and exploring ways of packing a cinematic punch without the feature-length preamble. For viewers, they’re the perfect form of bite-sized entertainment, and a valuable insight into a filmmaker’s early work. Here, to help lift the lockdown fog, we’ve selected seven attention-grabbing shorts by some of our favourite directors, old and new.