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Studio Ghibli founder sketch cute characters for his museum

Watch Hayao Miyazaki sketch cute characters for the Studio Ghibli Museum

The anime studio’s co-founder envisages a new look for the site’s cafe

Life in 2020 has been pretty rough, and with the prospect of further lockdowns over the winter period for many people, it’s a good job that Studio Ghibli exists, providing hours of perfect, surreal, anime escapism. And if the films themselves aren’t enough, then you could always tune into the YouTube channel of the Studio Ghibli museum in Mitaka, Tokyo.

The channel has uploaded some choice content recently, including short video clips from inside the Museum itself, which offer a sneak peak of what’s inside the toilets (nice) and other attractions at the site. Studio Ghibli co-founders Toshio Suzuki and Hayao Miyazaki also made an appearance last week to show off the park’s Mugi Wara Boshi Cafe (Straw Hat Cafe).

Now there’s a bonus clip of Miyazaki’s mythic illustration in action, as he’s seen sketching characters for a replacement “Hot Dog & Ice Cream” sign above the “takeout corner” at the cafe. It’s a beautiful, rare glimpse at the master himself picturing his anime creations as real-world objects. 

Subscribe to the Studio Ghibli museum’s YouTube channel here and watch the Miyazaki clip below: