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Luca Guadagnino, Frank Ocean
Wikimedia Commons / Photography Willy Vanderperre, Styling Robbie Spencer

Luca Guadagnino says he worked on a ‘secret project’ with Frank Ocean

The Call Me By Your Name director still wants to finish their ‘music video that never happened’

In news that could just about turn 2020 around, Luca Guadagnino says he’s recently been involved in a “secret project” with Frank Ocean. Don’t get your hopes up yet though, because the unnamed project appears to have fallen through before it was even officially announced.

Apparently, the Call Me By Your Name director made the claim while talking to Kyle Buchanan of the New York Times, about his new show starring Chloë Sevigny, We Are Who We Are (watch the trailer here).

“We were collaborating on a music video that never happened,” he explains, in a quote shared on Twitter by Buchanan. 

Despite giving no further details on the project, he also seems to suggest that a return to the collaboration isn’t out of the question in the future, adding: “I use the Times to launch an appeal to Frank: Frank, let's do that video. Come on.”

In fact, while the pairing may seem like the stuff of dreams, it’s not completely unexpected. In the past, Ocean has publicly praised Call Me By Your Name on his Tumblr, while in 2018 Guadagnino explicitly told Dazed that Ocean would be a “dream artist” to work with during a conversation about Suspiria.

“I’m a big fan of Frank Ocean,” the director said at the time. “I think he’s great.”

Needless to say, our fingers are firmly crossed.