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Almost Famous
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The Almost Famous cast are reuniting for a 20th anniversary podcast

Kate Hudson, Frances McDormand, Zooey Deschanel, and more will star on James Andrew Miller’s Origins podcast to mark the cult film’s milestone

Although it’s turning 20 this year, the influence of Cameron Crowe’s cult film Almost Famous is still ubiquitous, seen on the runway and in theatres to this day. Now, the cast and crew are set to honour the milestone by reuniting for an anniversary podcast.

The cast and crew will star on journalist James Andrew Miller’s Origins series, which will bring listeners behind the scenes of the iconic movie. In a teaser trailer, Miller reveals snippets of interviews from the show. Discussing the creation of the semi-autobiographical film, Crowe says: “It’s a first movie that I don’t think I was able to tell, and also didn’t have the money to tell it when I was first starting out.”

Crowe will be joined by actors Kate Hudson (Penny Lane), Frances McDormand (Elaine Miller), Zooey Deschanel (Anita Miller), Patrick Fugit (William Miller), Billy Crudup (Russell Hammond), Jason Lee (Jeff Bebe), Peter Frampton (Reg), and even Jimmy Fallon (Dennis Hope), as well as film composer Nancy Wilson, and more.

Released in 2000, Almost Famous tells the story of teenage journalist William Miller, who goes on tour with fictitious rock band Stillwater, in an attempt to get his first cover story published in Rolling Stone. Based on Crowe’s experience as a young writer for the magazine, the film draws on his time touring with Led Zeppelin, Eagles, and more.

In September 2019, Crowe shared the film’s full origin story: an unpublished piece he wrote for Live! Magazine in 1996. The filmmaker was commissioned to write a 750-word feature for the magazine, but instead submitted 3,000 words. When the magazine suggested they cut it down, Crowe “politely but firmly said that if the piece was going to be cut, he’d rather it didn’t run”. Steve Pond, former editor of Live! said of the article: “Writing about his relationship with his mother and with rock ‘n’ roll had given him an idea for a screenplay he wanted to write.”

The full 1996 article was published on TheWrap, and begins: “‘There will be absolutely no rock music in our house.’ With those epic words, my mother and father ushered in 1968. My mom was an English teacher, and early on she spotted the threat that rock posed to all those finely-bound books lining our cabinets. My sister and I lobbied hard, assuring them that drugs and promiscuous sex were not what our music was about. Rock was our poetry. Yes, came her reply, but ‘it’s the poetry of drugs and promiscuous sex!’ Of course she was right, but few were as good at feigning outrage as my sister and me.”

There’s currently no news on when the Origins podcast featuring the Almost Famous cast and crew will premiere, but you can subscribe in advance here.