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Joe Exotic in Tiger King
Via IMDb

A new episode of Tiger King is apparently on the way

Jeff Lowe, the investor who took over Joe Exotic’s zoo, seemed to reveal the news in a video posted to Twitter

Netflix’s Tiger King has basically taken over the internet, and it’s already been picked up for a fictional adaptation (here’s Dazed’s list of who should play who, FYI). Now, though, it seems like there will also be another addition to the original seven-part docuseries, in the form of a single episode “wrapping things up”.

The news comes courtesy of Tiger King’s Jeff Lowe himself, the shady investor who takes over Joe Exotic’s zoo when it’s on the verge of going bust.

In video posted to Twitter – and originally shared on Cameo – Lowe says: “Netflix just called. They’re going to add one more episode next week. They’re going to film it here Sunday. It’s a wrap-up. We’re going to tell you what happened.”

That’s before he realises that he’s probably not supposed to share the news in advance, but he apparently went on to record another Cameo anyway, once again sharing the news that a new episode is incoming.

“Thank you for giving up seven hours of your life on us,” he adds. “Netflix is going to make you give up one more though.”