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Lindsay Lohan is doing personalised Mean Girls quotes
Via IMDb

Lindsay Lohan is now doing personalised Mean Girls quotes for fans


Ever wanted Lindsay Lohan to tell you that butter is a carb? 16 years on, does the limit still not exist? Now, for the cool price of $350 (£266), your questions can be answered, as the star has joined video-sharing website Cameo.

Reportedly on the site for “a limited time”, fans can request a personalised video from Lohan – from Mean Girls quotes to a rendition of Freaky Friday banger “Ultimate”. In a teaser video, Lohan tells fans: “Hi everyone, I’m Lindsay Lohan and I’m so excited to be on Cameo and connect with you all.”

Other suggestions for personalised Lohan videos include: wishing your pal a “grool” birthday; a rendition of her Mykonos moves; the full performance from Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen’s high school play, Eliza Rocks; or Lohan in an English accent telling you she has class and you don’t.

Or, you could attempt to pull a Wagner and trick her into singing a pro-IRA song. The possibilities are endless.

Get your personalised video from Lindsay Lohan here.