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Candyman (1992)
Candyman (1992)

Watch a teaser for Jordan Peele’s upcoming Candyman reboot

The Get Out director’s ‘spiritual sequel’ to the 90s cult horror also has a full trailer on the way

Back in 2018, it was announced that Get Out director Jordan Peele would be making a “spiritual sequel” to the 1992 cult horror film, Candyman. Now, we’ve finally got a first (albeit brief) look at the 2020 adaptation.

A February 25 tweet shows various cast members uttering the name of the titular villain, proving that the urban legend from the original film is still very much alive. (It’s also worth noting that – like many other horror characters – repeating the name is supposed to summon the Candyman.)

Another video teaser gives a glimpse of the Candyman’s signature weapon, a prosthetic hook, which is also shown in the newly-revealed poster.

The phrase “spiritual sequel” suggests there might be some deviations from the original story, and we already know that the original Chicago setting will be updated with a timely, gentrified version.

However – if Jordan Peele’s social commentary in Get Out and Us is anything to go by – he’s also likely to have made the most of the original tale, in which the Candyman is the ghost of an artist and son of a slave, who was lynched in the late 1800s.

Nia DaCosta directs, while the film is written by Peele and BlacKkKlansman’s Win Rosenfeld. A full trailer is coming soon, and the film is scheduled to release June 12 in the UK and US.