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Twin Peaks

Here’s your first look at the Twin Peaks VR experience

The game will be released before the end of this year

It’s official: The trailer for David Lynch’s official Twin Peaks VR experience is finally here.

Released today, the trailer starts near Ghostwood’s Glastonbury Grove, before moving onto the Red Room. We are then given a glimpse of The Fireman’s Home by the Sea; the purple room; the Sheriff’s Department; an unspecified log cabin; the Evolution of the Arm; the glass box in New York; Naido’s place; and the train cart where Laura Palmer was killed, and where Dale Cooper finds half of the golden heart necklace.

Dropping soon (before the end of 2019, apparently), the game – titled Twin Peaks VR and made with Collider Games and Showtime – will take players through locations from the original series and the 2017 reboot.

The objective of the VR game is to break out of the Red Room and return to reality. “Crafted with countless references to the series and its 30 year history, Twin Peaks VR combines the supernatural, adventure, and escape room genres, challenging players to solve puzzles and discover Easter Eggs as they explore detailed and authentic environments,” read a statement.

“Players can explore several iconic locations including the Red Room, Glastonbury Grove, Sheriff’s Department, Glass Box Observation and more, as they embark on a first-person journey through the mysterious world crafted by David Lynch and Mark Frost.”

You can watch the trailer below.