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Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale
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Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale sequel is being adapted for TV

The Testaments novel is out next week

Since The Handmaid’s Tale graced our screens in 2017, Margaret Atwood’s Handmaids have been seen everywhere – from Planned Parenthood protests in the US and anti-Trump marches in Poland, through to Drag Race, wine bottles, and even sexy Halloween costumes. Now, there’s a new array of possibilities on the horizon as Atwood’s upcoming novel The Testaments will also be adapted for TV.

Out on Tuesday (August 10), The Testaments is a sequel to the author’s 1985 best-seller, and takes place 15 years after the events of The Handmaid’s Tale. Despite not being released yet, the novel has already won a place on the Booker prize list

According to TIME, the television adaption of the book will be developed by Hulu and MGM, though it’s not clear yet whether it will follow the current series or be adapted into its own show. 

Little is known about the plot of The Testaments, except that it won’t be told from Offred’s perspective but instead from three different characters: a young woman raised in the oppressive society of Gilead, a Canadian teen who was born there, and Aunt Lydia, who plays a central role in the first novel and series.

Atwood is reportedly working closely with Hulu and MGM teams, advising on story plans, and offering additional details about the world of Gilead. Bruce Miller, showrunner on the first series, told TIME: “We’ve tried to hint at the wider world as much as possible in the show. The Testaments really gives us much wider glimpses into other parts of the world.”

The Handmaid’s Tale ran for three seasons following the major narratives of the original novel, though with a fourth season on the way, writers have had to develop the story beyond Atwood’s work.

If you can’t wait for the show, there’s going to be plenty of midnight launches and bookshop parties to celebrate The Testaments’ release on Tuesday. Get that book under my eye!