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The Twin Peaks high school is being demolished

Say goodbye to the zigzag-patterned halls

There’s certain imagery in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks that will stay with you forever: the cherry pie and cups of good hot black coffee, the mysterious owl cave insignia, the cherry stem Audrey ties with her tongue, and the zigzag decorations on the walls of Twin Peaks High School.

Sadly, though, the latter are going to be no more as of next month. The high school officially closed its doors yesterday (June 14) and is due to be demolished July 5.

In videos taken by fans celebrating the iconic location before it’s lost, the building looks relatively unchanged, with the same red designs on the walls as seen in the show. Even seeing it empty brings back memories of Audrey smoking in her locker (guess Audrey has all the iconic moments) and that boy that mysteriously dances out of frame.

There’s also a touching Norma and Ed tribute that remains in the bathrooms.

See images from the soon-to-be-demolished building below. RIP Twin Peaks High.