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Amélie 2001

Jean-Pierre Jeunet is making an Amélie mockumentary

The French director also plans to make a sci-fi animation

Jean-Pierre Jeunet, director of 2001 romantic comedy Amélie, has announced plans to make a “mockumentary” chronicling the film’s production process. Speaking at a Los Angeles retrospective of his cinematic works, the French filmmaker also revealed his intention to produce an animated sci-fi feature.

“I’m writing a fake documentary about the shooting of Amélie, like the Peter Jackson movie about the beginning of cinema (Forgotten Silver),” he says in an interview with IndieWire, “It’ll be just stupidity, something very funny, very cheap to make, I hope.”

The director adds that he has been approached several times by people wanting to turn Amélie into a series, something he considers a bad idea: “It wouldn’t be the same actress, it would be cheap because it wouldn’t have the same budget, and in Paris now it’s so difficult to shoot because there are construction sites everywhere, so Paris is ugly now. So no, I don’t want to make a sequel or even a series, I just want to make the fake documentary with every document declassified.”

Jeunet, who also expresses frustration at “young people” increasingly being glued to their phones during film screenings – “Ideally, I would prefer to continue to make films for the theater than something to be seen on an iPad” – also adds that he has a science-fiction animation in the pipeline; a collaboration with Laurent Witz who wrote the Oscar-winning fantasy short Mr Hublot. He couldn’t reveal any further details about the project.

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