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Sigourney Weaver visits North Bergen High School
Sigourney Weaver with North Bergen High School’s Gabriella Delacruzcourtesy of Instagram/@lorimajewski

Sigourney Weaver went to see the high school performance of Alien

‘Representing all of the Alien fans, all over the universe’

Chances are you’ve heard about the stunning student performance of Ridley Scott’s Alien that was put on by New Jersey’s North Bergen High School back in March. The play gained national attention after it was praised for unbelievable set design, costumes, and performances.

Well, apparently Sigourney Weaver, who shot to fame as the “real” Ellen Ripley in the 1979 film, also caught wind of North Bergen High School’s Alien, because yesterday (April 27) she stopped by to visit the cast and watch their encore performance.

Nicholas J. Sacco, the Mayor of North Bergen, posted videos to Twitter showing the encounter. It’s a pretty emotional affair; Weaver greets her high school counterpart with a hug, before telling the crowd: “I’m so excited to be here.”

“I am representing all of the Alien fans, all over the universe, who think what you’re doing is so cool and so important.”

Another of the videos shows one of the actors, Ibrahim Jaludi, shouting: “I love you. You’re my childhood hero. I can’t believe you’re here right now.”

Honestly, news doesn’t get much more wholesome than this.