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Twitter/Helena Horton

Spooky Black Mirror posters appear on the London Underground

Peak ‘Black Mirror’ has been reached

Black Mirror has officially reached peak Black Mirror as the latest iteration of Charlie Brooker’s cult TV show, “Bandersnatch”, gets a suitably dystopian advert on the London Underground.

Even before the feature-length film was released onto Netflix on December 28, fans of the dystopian show were finding clues about the new release everywhere they could. From details that the plot would be based around a choose-you-own-adventure format to the cast being unveiled in a “leaked” photo, this Black Mirror instalment reached frenzy status.

An advert on the tube, pointed out by journalist Helena Horton, only adds to the apocalyptic symbology the show has taken on in its new era.

“In another reality you didn’t notice this poster,” the ad reads. “Your decision to stop here and read it has resulted in a divergent of time paths on the cosmic flowchart.”

Whatever that means.

Since the standalone “Bandersnatch” was unveiled, Netflix confirmed that the fifth season of Black Mirror is still to come in 2019.