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Apparently the fifth season of Black Mirror is still coming in 2019

Despite fans worrying that Bandersnatch was the whole thing

Bandersnatch, the new Black Mirror film, released on Friday (December 28) and instantly became hugely popular. Since then, people have been tweeting nonstop about their decisions in the interactive adventure and – more often – mourning how much they’re messing up the main character’s life.

At first, it seemed like there was something else to be mourning on the release date of Bandersnatch, though. Upon realising it was a single “episode”, rather than a whole series, many fans took to Twitter to express their sadness/disappointment/absolute fury.

But Scott Bryan, TV Editor at Buzzfeed, has come to the rescue. “Netflix has told me that the fifth season of Black Mirror is still to come in 2019,” he writes in a tweet. “Bandersnatch was not the fifth season, but a standalone interactive film, in case you were wondering.”

As expected, the reaction to this apparent confirmation of a new series in the new year was as big as the one that preceded it.

We all wish they would just hurry up, tbh.