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tilda Swinton dogs opera music video
courtesy of YouTube/ARCostanzoVevo

Tilda Swinton directs her dogs in an operatic music video

What more do you want?

Tilda Swinton seems surrounded by a kind of supernatural aura. Whether she’s acting in Suspiria as not just one, but two characters (one of them an old man), licking your jacket as part of an art performance, or just serving some style, she brings something extraordinary to everything she’s a part of.

That’s including her latest project: a music video for the performance of a song from eighteenth century composer Handel’s opera Flavio. Uploaded to the YouTube channel of the singer who performs the piece, Anthony Roth Costanzo, the video is no less unusual (but probably much cuter) than you might expect, pretty much solely consisting of shots of her dogs running on the beach. The opera music video we all wanted, we just didn’t know it.

In the video – co-directed by Swinton’s husband and visual artist Sandro Kopp, and produced by Visionaire – the dogs don’t just “dance” on the beaches of Scotland, though. Rosy, Dora, Louis, Dot, and Snowbear, as they appear in the film’s credits, also prance in meadows and streams (cute), and one stars in a weird, mirrored shot.

Is it Tilda Swinton’s best work yet? We’ll leave that for you to decide. Watch below.