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SKAM Austin
via Facebook Watch

Watch the first clips of SKAM Austin now

A glimpse at some familiar and new factions of the cult TV series remake

The world-sweeping Norwegian teen drama has transplanted to the United States, and the first two clips of SKAM Austin have debuted online.

Streaming on Facebook Watch, two short clips introduce us to some of the main characters, including Megan and her boyfriend Marlon. The first mini episode shows a quiet Megan in class, listening to a classmate babble about Frozen. Next, she goes to meet her boyfriend Marlon, friends Shay and Tyler. The school’s dance team, the Kittens, walk past, and it’s clear Megan has some beef with its lead Abby.

The next clip – released a few hours later in real-time with the storyline – shows Megan at home, parents fighting loudly as she studies. When she goes to meet Marlon in the park, she interrogates where he’s been since leaving Tyler’s house (having spoken to Shay, there’s a small window of time that Marlon could have been elsewhere than he said he was). It’s quickly shrugged off and Marlon roots through her bag, teasing her, then finds an old card from Abby to Megan. Obviously, the two were friends and something got in the way. Across both short clips, there’s a lot of making out.

Fans of the show online have deduced that Megan could be a reinvention of the original Oslo-set show’s Eva, Marlon as Jonas, and Abby as Ingrid. There’s some debate as to whether Shay or Tyler are the OG series’ Isak. With just over 10 minutes of new footage from SKAM Austin, it’s already a divisive hit online. 

Julie Andem, the original show’s creator, is on board as a writer and producer, so it’s likely we’ll see things in the vein of the Oslo-set original, with some fresh storylines. 

“SKAM Austin tells realistic and authentic stories from the lives of American teenagers,” a synopsis reads. “SKAM offers an unfiltered look at what teens are dealing with today head on, with characters that don't hold back and relationships that unfold real-time across social media. SKAM is about standing up to shame. It is about owning and being yourself, even when you aren’t mainstream and ‘accepted’.” 

We previously went through the cast’s Instagram accounts, which have been active since 2016. Some of the IG accounts include Bouldin High School gossip page @overheardbouldin, and individual students like sporty Jordan Diaz, photographer Shay Dixon, and makeup vlogger Josefina Valencia.

Watch the first clips from SKAM Austin below.