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Watch the very first teaser for the American reboot of Skam

The groundbreaking Norwegian teen drama transplants to Austin, Texas

Skam, the brutally real, raw, and risqué Norwegian TV show became a worldwide phenomenon fast. It let its legion of fans in like a show never has before, with social media profiles for its characters, real time release dates for episodes with online updates, and a beloved, intense cast. 

News broke a little while ago that Simon Fuller – Spice Girls and American Idol creator – was taking on the show to create an American version. Now we’ve got a first look at the transplanted series. Though the clip is very short and doesn’t give really anything away, it’s massively exciting for the fandom. 

Skam Austin – set in Austin, Texas – will debut on Facebook Watch, with clips posted in real time much like the original. Julie Andem, the original show’s creator, is also on board as a writer and producer, so it’s likely we’ll see things in the vein of the Oslo-set original, with some fresh storylines. 

Skam Austin tells realistic and authentic stories from the lives of American teenagers,” a synopsis reads. “Skam offers an unfiltered look at what teens are dealing with today head on, with characters that don't hold back and relationships that unfold real-time across social media. Skam is about standing up to shame. It is about owning and being yourself, even when you aren’t mainstream and “accepted.”

Some of the characters’ social media accounts have been active as far back as 2016, linked through the Skam Austin Instagram. One in particular is @thebouldinkittens, the school’s dance team. Images and videos depict a callout for tryouts, competitions, and school life. Other Instagram accounts include the Bouldin High School gossip page @overheardbouldin, and individual students like sporty Jordan Diaz, photographer Shay Dixon, and makeup vlogger Josefina Valencia.

Skam’s original series has been the most-watched web TV show in Norwegian history, with its site averaging 1.2 million unique visitors a week. Its fourth and final season finished in June 2017.

Watch the teaser here, and read back on our deepdive into the compassionate, stunning OG Skam here. Skam Austin starts April 24 on Facebook watch.