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'What does one do around here? In Palazzo Contarini by Claude Monet (1908)'@cmbynmonet

Call Me By Monet is the Instagram account turning the film into fine art

You need these soothing impressionist scenes in your feed

Have you ever looked at something and thought ‘nothing in the world has ever made this much sense’? No? Well, prepare your brain because that’s about to happen thanks to our new favourite Instagram account.

Luca Guadagnino’s masterpiece, Call Me By Your Name, is undoubtedly a work of art – from sun-drenched poolsides and lavish fields of green to hot Italy-based lust and award-worthy puke scenes. So it seems only logical that one ingenious Instagrammer is incorporating scenes from the film into actual art.

Taking its cue from the book’s author André Aciman, whose inspiration for the dreamy Italian setting came from an 1884 Monet painting of a villa surrounded by gardens, 22-year-old Filipino student Mika Labrague created Call Me By Monet. The 20k-strong Instagram account embeds iconic scenes from the film into Monet paintings, and the result is a handful of artworks the world didn’t know it was missing.

We see the film’s protagonists 17-year-old Elio and 24-year-old Oliver relaxing by the pool in front of Monet’s autumn trees, while elsewhere young Elio broodingly plays guitar in the artist’s Villa Moreno gardens, and the family enjoy a little Luncheon Under the Canopy.

Not only does Labrague’s account have a deeply satisfying pun as its handle, she also captions each image with a quote from the film merged with the painting’s original title: ‘I like the way you say things, in The Pond at Montegeron by Claude Monet (1976)’, or the ever-classic: ‘Mom, can you pick me up? In The Road from Vetheuil by Claude Monet (1880)’. This is surely modern art at its greatest.

Maybe these seminal works will make an appearance in the film’s much-anticipated sequel? Or perhaps the lucky bidder on the movie’s actual villa could print a few out for some light and tasteful furnishing.